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“Being a keen amateur singer, I am always looking for ways to improve my voice to enhance the sound of the choirs I sing in.  
In 2013, I attended Choral Holiday’s week singing services in Hereford Cathedral and it was the first of several extraordinarily memorable experiences of singing in Jeff’s choirs.  
Jeff brims over with infectious enthusiasm for joyful choral singing and his dedication to helping other singers is unsurpassed and an inspiration. It is simply delightful to have the benefit of his clearly extensive experience, knowledge and empathy as a singer, and vocal coach. His warm, friendly and positive approach, be it in person, in a choral setting, on Zoom or in his Zoom subscription service creates a learning environment that is conducive to the development of your self-confidence and abilities to be the best singer you want to be, spilling over into the rest of life.”- Colleen   

It is our aim, at They Shall Laugh and Sing, to help as many people as possible to find the way to singing freely and expressively; with joy and confidence.

The vast majority of singers, especially in choirs, sing with a combination of fears such as “Am I In tune?” “Am I too loud?” “Is my voice ugly?” “Am I singing the correct notes?” “Will I make the high/low notes?” “If I had needed to audition, would I have got in?” “Are people just too polite to tell me I’m rubbish?” “Did I pass the audition by mistake or, perhaps, because they felt sorry for me?”

By creating the VIP group, we are going to be doing everything possible to help people to overcome these, and many other fears, because we believe that, if people can be given confidence in their singing, and be taught to sing more beautifully and expressively, then they will become more joyful. As a result of this, more people will want to hear and take part in choirs. And more than this. If we can make more people joyful and more compassionate in their singing and in their ability to listen to singing, then we might help the wider world to become a more compassionate and joyful place.

In order to be help more people to reach their potential, and to enable them to use their singing to make their lives richer and more fulfilled,  we are offering membership of this VIP level of our Facebook group They Shall Laugh and Sing. You do not need to be a member of Facebook to join.


Membership of the group will entitle you to:

  • Access to our weekly online lessons, live or on catch-up
  • A 10% discount on Choral Holidays Events in the UK
  • A 5% discount on Choral Holidays Events outside the UK
  • Access to a weekly vocal workout video
  • A regular chat room to help you with your individual vocal problems.
  • Access to our online Musicanship, Aural Training & Sight Reading Programme

Most singers say they would like to take singing lessons, but many feel they can’t afford the cost, or perhaps the time to take them. Our online group lesson at gives you expert advice from Jeff Stewart a vocal professor of the Royal College of Music and Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, who has sung and given masterclasses all over the world. You will be taken through exercises and advised on their purpose and how to get  the best out of them. You will be guided through the learning of a song, with advice on how to interpret it and how to overcome the pitfalls, and all done within a light-hearted and non-judgemental atmosphere.

These lessons alone would normally cost you £30.00- £37.50 per month


In addition, as a member of the VIP group, you will get the following great features too:

We will also be giving you a weekly vocal workout video, giving you a set of exercises to use for 10-15 minutes, four or five days each week. Thats a daily, guided and structured practice session, taking less time than your average coffee break. We guarantee that, by using this resource, you will notice an improvement in the range, quality and ease of your voice.

 There will be a regular chat room to help you with your individual vocal issues. If it’s technical we can help. If it’s an issue with a phrase or passage in a piece, you can send it in advance and we can look at it in the group. This resource will be hugely valuable. Just imagine, having a singing teacher there to help you solve your problems without having to disrupt a rehearsal. Just imagine how much you will learn by watching the advice given to others.

Finally, there is the discount on all Choral Holidays. This includes residential events, one day events and Cantemus Cum Spiritu events.

All This Comes For Just £30 Per Month!

That’s the price of joining four of the Group Singing Lessons


If you feel you haven’t received £30 worth of benefit at the end of one month,  I will personally send you your money back 

No Quibble!

If you need to cancel at any time, you can do so with no penalty; you just cancel the monthly payment!


Membership opens 1st October.



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