Choral Workshop Days With Your Choir

At They Shall Laugh and Sing We offer customized vocal workshops for individual choirs led by a team of top-class musicians. Our workshops are designed to offer a fresh perspective on choral performance and are tailored to meet the unique needs of your choir.

Our musical director, Jeff Stewart, is a highly respected choir trainer with international experience. He grew up singing in choirs before becoming an international classical singer and now teaches at the Royal College of Music. He has been invited to give vocal masterclasses all over the UK and abroad, including China. With Jeff’s expertise and experience, your choir members will discover their true potential and take their choral performance to new heights.

At “They Shall Laugh and Sing,” we believe that changing the mindset of your choir is key to achieving success. We focus on positivity and offer a unique and inspiring experience that will inject new enthusiasm into your choir. Whether you are looking to improve your technique or boost your energy, our team is here to help.

Our workshop days are the perfect opportunity to explore new approaches and techniques that can take your choral performance to the next level. Don’t wait to book your workshop day with “They Shall Laugh and Sing.” Discover the joy of choral singing like never before!

A workshop with They Shall Laugh & Sing workshop is a great opportunity for choirs to invite potential new members to experience singing with their group. The repertoire can be customized to suit the choir’s current preparations or can be something entirely new.

The cost for the workshop day starts at £500, which is less than £10 per person for a choir of 50 members. This provides a cost-effective way to have a great day while also potentially raising extra funds for the choir.

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